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Score from 508 reviews

P. Ksawery

The staff was very friendly. Beautiful view of the mountains from the balcony. The room was clean. The food was very tasty. Beautiful surroundings.

After entering the room and in the corridor...


Score from 266 reviews

Jerzy M.

Breakfast was delicious. The staff was nice and courteous. The room was relatively quiet despite the fact that the hotel is located on one of the main streets, unfortunately the standard in Bulgaria...


Score from 187 reviews


The staff were extremely nice. The room was with a balcony. Good shower. The food in the restaurant was very good. The atmosphere was very pleasant. The hotel is quite far on foot from the center of...


Score from 62 reviews


The property is well located, right on the beach. Unfortunately, the beach is a little rocky. Available two pools, the water was clean. By the pools sun loungers. Children's playground. On the...


Score from 1119 reviews


Breakfasts were with quite a large selection. The hotel is located in a quiet area, very close to the beach but a little further from the center. The room was large and comfortable.

Poor service,...


Score from 492 reviews

Nadia W.

The food was good. The hotel is well located, very close to the beach and close to the center of Sunny Beach.

1. Overcrowded dining room, no free tables, you had to wait or come later.
2. Very...


Score from 356 reviews


+The staff was very nice but did not speak English. +We arrived at the hostel a few dozen minutes before the check-in time, the room was prepared in a few minutes. +Room without any luxuries but...


Score from 75 reviews

Helena C.

Only the location was good, the property is close to the beach, near the main promenade in the city of Sozopol. Not very friendly and incompetent staff. Flying beds. Dirty floor. In general, an...

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гр. Драгоман 2210 2210 Dragoman

Razlog, Pirin Golf, Razlog

Village Stoikite 4715 Vodata

ул. Добреви Орехи 1 9137 Zdravets

344 улица „Васил Левски“ 5725 Cherni Vit

комплекс Риал Блек Сии Сграда 7А и 7Б 9112 Shkorpilovtsi

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