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The photo shows the Gostievoi dom v Volokonovkie na Iesienina located in the city of Volokonovka.
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Biryuch is 45 km from the accommodation.. Gostievoi dom offers a children's playground....

  • Features of Gostievoi dom v Volokonovkie na Iesienina
  • Green space
  • Film nights
  • Housekeeping services daily
  • All dishes, utensils, glassware, and other table items have been disinfected
    Comfort Triple Room
    Family Room with Shower
    Deluxe Queen Room with Two Queen Beds
    One-Bedroom Suite
    Suite with Lake View
    Deluxe Single Room
    from 25,6 US$
    Double Room
    King Suite with Balcony
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    The GPS coordinates for Volokonovka are:

    Ready for a quick trip to Volokonovka? Just a few quick coordinates and you will be there in no time! - 50.4838981628418,37.8713989257812

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    What are any properties in Volokonovka that offer free WiFi?

    Properties in the Volokonovka area have a sweet treat for their guests - completely free internet access! So you can check your emails and stay in touch without worrying about extra charges.

    How much money do you have to spend per day for a night in Volokonovka?

    The prices for properties in Volokonovka are very different, depending on the dates and type of accommodation in Volokonovka.

    Can I find accommodation near me in Volokonovka?

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