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The photo shows the Hotel Paris located in the city of Semënov.
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Several dining options are a short walk away. Located in the city centre of Semenov, just a...

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  • Procedures implemented to monitor guest health
  • Pet-friendly
  • Climate control
  • Social distancing guidelines enforced
  • On-site parking
    Economy Double or Twin Room
    Standard Triple Room
    Standard Double or Twin Room
    Comfort Double or Twin Room
    Exclusive Double Room
    Economy Single Room
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    What are the GPS coordinates of Semënov?

    If you want to reach the city of Semënov in no time, just enter these coordinates into your GPS and you're good to go! - 56.7961006164551,44.4930992126465

    In Semënov we have a wide range of accommodation to choose from.

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    What is there to do in Semënov with free WiFi?

    In Semënov, there is no problem with maintaining connectivity - facilities in the city offer free internet access. You can enjoy your holiday knowing that you are only a few clicks away from home!

    How much does it cost on average to stay at Semënov?

    Looking for a property in Semënov? You will certainly find it at the right price - all you have to do is plan well and look for your dream accommodation for every budget.

    Where can I find an object near me in Semënov?

    Our handy map has you at hand! Check it out and find the perfect place to rest.

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