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The photo shows the Pansionat Energetik located in the city of Nilovka.
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A continental breakfast is available every morning at Pansionat Energetik.. At the health resort...

  • Features of Pansionat Energetik
  • Car park
  • Personnel adhere to all safety guidelines set by local authorities
  • Hand sanitizing stations in guest rooms and main areas
  • Ping-pong
  • On-site parking
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    Superior Double Room
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    Superior Twin Room
    from 31,9 US$
    Single Room - Treatment Included
    Twin Room - Treatment Included
    Triple Room - Treatment Included
    Superior Double Room
    Superior Twin Room - Treatment Included
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    If you want to take a shortcut to Nilovka, here are the coordinates that will get you there in record time! - 51.69446,101.6734

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