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The photo shows the Casco histórico de Estancia located in the city of Monte Buey.
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Holiday home
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Located in Monte Buey, Casco histórico de Estancia features accommodation with a public bath and a...

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  • Features of Casco histórico de Estancia
  • Indoor play space
  • Area for picnics
  • Utilization of anti-viral cleaning agents
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Conference/event spaces
    Eight-Bedroom House

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    What are the geographic coordinates of Monte Buey?

    Take advantage of the shortcut to Monte Buey with these manually selected coordinates! - -32.9166984558105,-62.4500007629395

    What accommodation options are available in Monte Buey?

    We offer Holiday homes in Monte Buey.

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    Monte Buey is the perfect place to stay, with many accommodation options to choose from. Prices vary greatly depending on when you book and what type of room you're looking for - so it's worth looking around!

    Where can I find an object near me in Monte Buey?

    Our map is the perfect guide - use it now to discover some of the most amazing objects around!

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