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The photo shows the Mini-Hotel Raduga located in the city of Inzhavino.
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The nearest airport is Tambov Donskoye Airport, 114 km from the accommodation.. Set in Inzhavino,...

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  • Housekeeping services daily
  • Utilization of anti-viral cleaning agents
  • On-site parking
  • Smoke-free rooms
    Suite with Balcony
    from 16,6 US$
    Standard Family Room
    Standard Suite
    Triple Room with Shower
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    Latitude and longitude Inzhavino is:

    Ready for a quick trip to Inzhavino? Just a few quick coordinates and you will be there in no time! - 52.3210983276367,42.4914016723633

    Does Inzhavino have any type of accommodation?

    We offer Inns in Inzhavino.

    Are there any properties in Inzhavino that offer free wireless internet?

    The facilities in Inzhavino make it easy to stay connected with free internet access!

    What is the average cost of a stay in Inzhavino?

    Inzhavino is a city with some of the best accommodation deals - depending on when you stay and what type of property you choose, prices vary widely. So if an adventure calls your name to Inzhavino, make sure you find out which dates have amazing deals so you can travel there for less!

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