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The photo shows the 4 Stones Hotel located in the city of Gremyachinsk.
8.2 /10
Very good
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Guests can prepare a meal in the shared kitchen on site. A number of cafes are a short walk away. ...

  • Features of 4 Stones Hotel
  • Smoke-free rooms
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Prepared meals to go
  • Shuttle service (extra fee)
  • Accommodations for families
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    Economy Twin Room
    from 13,7 US$
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    Standard Twin Room
    Standard Triple Room
    Standard Double Room
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    Can you give me the GPS coordinates for Gremyachinsk?

    With these coordinates you will quickly reach the city of Gremyachinsk! - 58.5666,57.83339

    What types of accommodations can I stay in Gremyachinsk?

    We offer Hotels in Gremyachinsk.

    What properties in Gremyachinsk have free Wi-Fi?

    There are many facilities in Gremyachinsk that offer free internet access - so you don't have to worry about looking for a hotspot when you're on the go!

    Average price for a night in Gremyachinsk?

    Are you thinking about staying at Gremyachinsk? You may be in possession of real savings - the prices of objects vary greatly depending on the time and place of stay. So don't miss the opportunity to secure a great tourist offer!

    Where can I find an object near me in Gremyachinsk?

    Our map is the perfect guide - use it now to discover some of the most amazing objects around!

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