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The photo shows the Hotel Landyshy located in the city of Buinsk.
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Hotel Landyshy in Buinsk has a garden and a terrace. Among the facilities at this property are a...

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  • Communal bathing facility
  • Patio
    Triple Room with Balcony
    Twin Room with Bathroom
    Single Room with Private Bathroom
    Single Room with Bathroom
    Bed in 6-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room
    Bed in 4-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room
    Comfort Triple Room with Shower
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    What is the latitude and longitude of Buinsk?

    Buinsk is just a few clicks away - just enter the coordinates and you'll be there before you know it! - 54.9500007629395,48.2832984924316

    What types of accommodations and other accommodations are there in Buinsk?

    We offer Inns in Buinsk.

    Does Buinsk offer free internet at the property?

    There are plenty of accommodation options in the bustling city of Buinsk – and if you want to stay connected while traveling, many properties offer free WiFi.

    How much would it cost to stay in Buinsk for one night?

    Buinsk has a wide range of options in the facilities, with prices tailored to your specific travel needs. Whether you are looking for an intimate bed and breakfast or a luxury hotel in one of Buinsk's renowned establishments - whatever you decide to visit this charming city, something perfect is waiting for you!

    How can I find a property in Buinsk that is close to my location?

    Check out our amazing map. It will show you all the best facilities nearby and make sure your stay will be an unforgettable experience!

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